David 3

Mail Art Round-Up: June & July 2014

Hello everyone! I’ve been a bit delinquent in getting mail art out these days, but I have a good excuse! I turned in my masters thesis!! I’m not technically done yet, but I’ve already started to settle into a new schedule and I hope to be making more mail art very soon. Sadly, I haven’t had much time in these past two months since I’ve been finishing up my thesis, but I hope you’ll enjoy what I made. Check it out:

DOnovanDonovan 2Michaelle 1Michelle 2Kim 1Kim 2Matt 1Clare 2Clare 1David #2David #1David 3David 2David 1Charlotte 2Charlotte 1

Rebecca front

Mail Art Round-Up: March, April & May 2014

It’s been a while! I have been completely distracted by grad school these past few months and the pesky business of finishing my masters thesis in art history. I’m almost done!! Once I finally finish I hope that I will be able to return to my previous level of productivity. However, I’m pretty happy with the few things that I managed to send in the past couple of months. I’m particularly excited about incorporating some of the elements that  I made with a laser-cutter. See if you can spot them!

Clare birthdayLeann frontLeann backDavid backDavid frontRebecca frontCodi frontCodi backGinger backGinger frontMichelle frontMichelle backDavid front 1David back 1Clare frontClare backI am not dead postcardsI am not dead postacrds frontKendal frontClare front 1Clare back 1Charlotte frontCharlotte backSuzanne front

David front 2

Mail Art Round-Up: January & February 2014

A very belated happy new year everyone! I am busier than ever these days, which sadly means that once again mail art is taking a back seat  to more pressing concerns. However, I did manage to make a couple of things this past month that I’m pretty happy with. I got a grommeting tool for Christmas and I’ve had a lot of fun finding new uses for it. Check it out!

Kendal front 2Kendal back 2Donovan front 3DOnvovan back 3David front 2David back 3=2Ginger frontGinger back 2DOnovan front 1Ginger backMichelle frontCodi frontCodi backKendal frontKendal backAlice frontAlice backClare frontClare backDavid frontDavid backDOnovan frontDonovan backCharlotte front 2Charlotte front

Mail Art Round-Up: November & December 2013

Hello again! I hope you’ve all had a chance to check out the Making Mail documentary trailer. I can’t wait to see the film! I’ve been delinquint again in posting, but I’m proud to say that I did manage to get some holiday mail out this year. Surprisingly, I actually stuck to the same theme for all of my holiday mail, which never happens. I ended up using my new how-to books on masonry and electrical (thank you Savers!). Anyway, I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!

Alice frontAlice backDavid front 2David frontDavid backDOnovan frontDOnovan backCodi back 2COdi front 2Codi frontCodi backClare frontClare backAlice front 2Alice back 3Charlotte frontCharlotte backMatt frontMatt backGinger frontMichelle frontMichelle backRachel CarterQ holidayMichelle holidauRachel holiday frontRachel holiday backClare holidayCharlotte holidayDOnovan holiday 1D holiday 2D holiday 3D holiday 4D holiday 5DOnovan holiday 6Donovan holiday 7

Matt back

Mail Art Round-Up: September & October 2013

A belated hello again! Fall has been crazier than usual and unfortunately my non-mail art activities such as my job and grad school have required more of my time and attention than normal. As a result, I’m doing a combined post for all of the mail that I made in the past two months. On the plus side, I managed to photograph a couple of collages/unfinished pieces (I oscillate between calling my non-mail art pieces “collages” and “unfinished mail art” because I think everything can potentially become mail art, but some of them I’ll probably never send) that I hope you’ll like. Enjoy!

Michelle frontMichelle front expandedMichelle backPamela frontPamela backShrimp wax collageSuzanne back 2Suzanne front 2Kendal frontKendal backLeann backLeann frontDonovan front expandedDonovan front condensedDonovan back expandedDonovan back condensedDavid frontDavid backGinger backGinger frontCodi backCodi frontDavid back2David front 2Clare front 2Clare back 2Clare backClare frontCharlotte frontCharlotte backCharlotte front 2Charlotte back 2Anna backAnna frontLarge xerox chair collageMatt frontMatt backPamela back2Pamela front2Suzanne frontSuzanne backJihad backAnna front 2Anna back 2Alice letterAlice letter 2Alice backAlice front

Mail Art Round-Up: August 2013

Summer’s almost gone and I have no idea where the time went. I didn’t make much this month because I was focused on getting my thesis work done (btw I’m writing my masters thesis on mail art. Did I mention that already?). I have a bunch of pieces started and letters written, but I haven’t been able to finish much of anything these days. Still, I made a couple of things that I think are pretty nifty. Check it out:

Liz backliz frontMichelle frontMichelle backAmber frontAmber backDOnovan frontDOnovan backLeann insideLeann letterLeann frontLeann backGinger frontGinger back