Moving over to Instagram & Twitter

Hi all! Unfortunately I just don’t have the time or energy to keep up this site anymore 😦 I’m still posting to Instagram and Twitter @suburbanpenpal. Thanks for following my work!


Fall/Winter Mail Art Round-Up 2015

Oh dear. Once again I have gotten quite behind on blogging. A new job tends to have that effect. At least I have not gotten behind on making mail art, which means I have lots to share! I’ve been feeling more inspired lately and (I hope) it shows in what I’ve been making. I’ve also discovered my new found love of Instagram filters. So cool! Last but not least, I made two holiday designs that look nothing like each other because that’s what I do 🙂 Check it out:

Alyssabeth back

Alyssabeth frontAlyssabeth back 2   Alyssabeth front 2 David front 2David back 2Alyssabeth front 3 Alyssabeth back 3Charlotte back Charlotte front David frontDavid back  David front 3David back 3     Donovan back 2 Donovan front 2Donovan box mail back Donovan box mail front Donovan front  Donovan backGinger back Ginger frontGinger back 2  Ginger front 2 Holiday card design Holiday mail design 2015 Holiday mail outgoing Liz back Liz front Rebecca back 2 Rebecca candle faceRebecca back 3 Rebecca back 4 Rebecca front 3 Rebecca knot mail Romi back Romi front Suzanne front

Mail Art Round-Up June & July 2015

Happy summer everyone! Now that I’ve started using Instagram, I’ve fallen in love with the square format photograph. There are a couple of images from this month that got cut off since I’ve been converting them from regular to square, but you can still see the majority of the piece in each image. From now on I’ll be taking pictures in the square format so this shouldn’t be a problem in the future. Check it out:

Alyssabeth back 2Alyssabeth front 2

Alyssabeth back  Alyssabeth front Charlotte back 2  Charlotte front 2 Charlotte front Charlotte backDavid back 2  David front 2 David frontDavid back Donovan back 2  DOnovan front 2 Donovan front Donovan backGinger back Ginger front Lina front

Rebecca back rebecca front

Mail Art Round-Up: April & May 2015

Happy spring! I’ve been doing my best to enjoy the spring weather and come up with some new ideas to share with you. This month I dug deep into the archives and used a couple of photographs that I took in college (can you believe I wanted to be a photographer at one point?) in some of my pieces. I also discovered that they make excellent giant postcards! I’ll definitely be using that trick again. Check it out:

Ginger frontGinger backDonovan frontDonovan backDavid frontDavid backCharlotte frontCharlotte backAlyssabeth frontAlyssabeth backGinger front 3Ginger back 3Ginger front 2Ginger back 2Leann frontLeann backLina openLina frontLina back