Grocery bag cards

It’s Monday! Which means it’s time for more shameless self-promotion.

Look what I did over the weekend: grocerycards1.jpg

They’re a far cry from the German cards I’ve been making, but the envelopes are made from the same template. The letters and envelopes are made from an Andronico’s grocery bag (two cards and four envelopes from one grocery bag, talk about economical!) and the letters are glued onto printed cardstock.

I haven’t abandoned the German cards, I just wanted to try something different that might appeal to a wider audience. So check them out over at my etsy shop and have a great first day of the week!

Toggle NZ

As I was perusing some of my usual blogs the other day, I came across this great website that features the work of some very talented New Zealand artists. Some of my favorites are these cards by Cheek Pinchy.


All cards are handmade and feature different whimsical themes.

I have to admit, the reason why I found the site in the first place was because I was trying to track down these amazing plates I found via Design*Sponge. See for yourself.


I don’t usually post about things that aren’t stationery or cards, but these really caught my eye. I love the juxtaposition of the text and the flowery saucers and, of course, the seven deadly sins. The artist is Trixie Delicious, who also has an etsy shop, but I think there is a wider selection of her stuff on Toggle. Definitely check out her work if you get a chance.

Music Cards

I’m feeling rather musical today. However, seeing as I lack any kind of musical talent, I think I’ll stick to cards. These in particular:


I like the customized jukebox cards a lot. I don’t know what songs or artist I’d pick, but it’s just a cool idea. Perfect for that music obsessed friend or loved one you want to wish happy birthday to.

I also like the card on the bottom right. He likes music. I like wigs. Clearly, we’d get along swimmingly. 🙂

-Upper left: Twoguitars

-Bottom left: Chasemaclaskey

-Upper right: Rhymeswithtwee

Bottom right: Freebananas

Shop Updates

Two new cards for your viewing (and buying) pleasure over on my etsy.


After a failed attempt at an Arnold Swartzenegger card, I tried to think of who I was leaving out. After some googling it ocurred to me: Karl Lagerfeld. Who is more famous and more German than the bejeweled man behind Chanel? I added him to my “Say Hello” line and I have to admit, I’m a little proud of the envelope choice. It’s from a story in my German book called “The king of Xanadu” and in case you didn’t know, Karl is already the king of Xanadu.


I’m also experimenting with branching out and making more standard greeting cards. This isn’t exactly standard, but I wanted to make something that you could use as a birthday card or a “just to say hi” card.

So there you go. Enjoy!

Embroidered Cards

Although cards and stationery are my love and joy, I do find times for my other hobbies and crafts. I got interested in embroidery a couple of months ago and I was always discouraged at the lack of interesting projects and uses for it. So I started patrolling etsy looking to see what other people have done and I have to admit, I’m amazed.


All of these cards incoporate my two favorite things: delicacy and modernism. Those are big words when we’re talking about cards, but seriously, how cool are these? And they’re all available on etsy!

-Upper left: Curiousdoodles

-Bottom left: Kingpopcorn

-Upper right: Tulippluspanda

-Bottom right: Nowvember


Rarely do I find a line of cards or a company where I’m like: “WOW, I must have it ALL!”. Such is the case with these cards from the very talented Jezebel.


These are just a few of my favorites. I had to restrain myself from ordering all of them, but I did get a couple of birthday cards and the one with the woman playing the piano.

Happily, I’m not tempting you with cards that aren’t available to buy online. (This time at least). All cards are available here.

16 Sparrows

Gotta love these official-looking stationery sets for 16 Sparrows.


My own cheezy detective name stationery? Sign me up!

I’m also a big fan of the telegram stationery cause I love reinvented old modes of communication. Plus I’ve always wanted to give and/or receive one and now I can! 🙂 Now all I need is a typewriter (and someone to show me how to use it) and I’m good to go.