Pirate Love

Start the week off right with some pirate inspired stationery. And they’re all on etsy!piratecollage2.jpg
-top left: note from an outlaw by sarahridgley
– top right: Jack Sparrow sock monkey cards by siansbury
– bottom left: Jolly Roger notecards by the hyper bunny
-bottom right: Pirate carrrrd by rainyplanet


2 thoughts on “Pirate Love

  1. I’ve decided that your blog is just a ploy to make me spend money on stationery.

    I can’t believe you managed to find a card that combines my two favorite things — Sock Monkeys and pirates. (Four if you count socks and monkeys as two separate entities and Johnny Depp along with pirates.)

    Seriously dude, you want me to go broke. Congrats again!

  2. I knew you’d like those sock monkey cards. And yes, it is my sole purpose in life to make you go broke because I am such a good friend. Do you see how that works? Neither do I.

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