For Michelle


This was another idea I had that I knew would probably only be appreciated by a select few (two of them being friends of mine). If you’ve ever seen Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, you probably know that Julie Newmar played Dorcas, one of the seven brides who ends up married to Benjamin. I always thought it was the most ridiculous name and it’s just so easy to mock, especially when she gets kidnapped and her father runs out and yells: “Where’s Dorcas?!”. So, long story short, these cards are a little bit of an inside joke, which is why I didn’t post them on etsy. However, I made two sets so if there are any takers, leave me a comment.

The envelopes are made with the same template I’ve been using. I just thought scenes from a calendar might be more appropriate than an old German book. 🙂


5 thoughts on “For Michelle

  1. I picked them cause they sort of look like the nature shots in the movie. (Except the foliage one).

    You’re entitled, that’s why I pushed them on Michelle. 🙂

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