What a joke.

I love a card with a sense of humor. Especially if it’s immature or has a certain retro hilarious quality about it. Only problem is that not everyone shares my same fondness for humorous stationery. However, these gems are sure to amuse.


Sidepony’s cards always crack me up and I wanted an excuse to post these fake condemned and eviction notices via Rare Bird Finds. The eviction sign is my favorite especially if you actually read what it says: “Maybe if you weren’t such filthy pig dogs we wouldn’t have to do this but you leave us no choice. You are vile and disgusting and for that matter you’re ugly too!”.

The “shut up” card is perfect for when you want to have a little immature moment with a friend and like I said, retro style cards are my thing.

-Upper left: Sidepony

-Upper right: Whimsy Press

-Bottom left: Prank Place

-Bottom right: Pressa Russa


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