Big Hat Card

Happy Monday everyone!

I designed this card a while ago and just haven’t gotten around to posting it on etsy until today. I know you’ve all been jonesing for a card featuring the Pope and the Queen and I am happy to oblige.

A few friends were kind enough to point out that these two have more than just big hats in common, namely that they’re both of German descent. But I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Available on etsy as usual.

Send a Message

While I was plundering the Mighty Goods blog, I came across this which intrigued me.

It’s called Send A Message, and for 30 Euros or roughly $44 you can have your personal message written on this wall. You and your recipient will each receive three digital photos of your message.

It all sounds a bit strange to me, but it’s certainly a unique way of sending a message.

Wooden Postcards

I’ve seen a lot of wooden postcards floating around on the various blogs I read and I have to say that I’m very impressed with the quality and imagination that this medium has inspired. See for yourself:

I especially like the postcard you can carve your initials into. Just like a real tree!:)

-Top left: Gedutis Design

-Bottom left: Suck UK

-Top right: Night Owl Paper Goods {via Creature Comforts}

Bottom right: Paloma’s Nest

John Dilnot

A couple of things first. I went to San Francisco today and added three links to the SF Bay Area Shops section: Little Otsu, The Curiosity Shoppe, and the Candy Store Collective. You can read my 2-5 sentence review or check out their websites/shops for yourself. (They’re all pretty close together in the Mission).

The Suburban Pen Pal is on myspace! Stop by and make friends when you get a chance.

On to the cards. I saw a couple of these cards by John Dilnot at The Curiosity Shoppe and I love the idea.

If especially like the bird card. All the different birds are labeled: “bird”, just in case there was any confusion.:) Check out his website or the The Curiosity Shoppe for more information.