There’s a new Etsy in town! Well, in Europe at least. I just discovered some of the very talented artists selling their wares at Dawanda and I am seriously impressed. Check it out:

-Top left: Air Mail Pouch by Smil
-Top right: “Boyfriends” print by mareikeauer Only 1 Euro!
-Middle right and left: Cutout Boyfriend Rockstar card by Little Clouds
-Bottom left: Asia Print Notebook by Smil
-Bottom right: Cassette envelope by Enna


I’ve been so caught up in the paper swap lately that I almost forgot to post the rest of my loot from Chicago! I bought lots more stuff at Greer Chicago, another new favorite, including these little cards from Millimeter/Milligram.

I don’t normally buy square cards because they need extra postage, but I caved for the pinkish “thank you” card cause it’s just so damn cute. These cards are available from Poketo.

When I googled the company, I also discovered these letter capsules over at Cut + Paste.

Once, I was in a letter-writing mood and completely devoid of paper, so I wrote a letter on part of a role of toilet paper. The scroll inside just reminded me of it and trust me, this way is MUCH easier. 🙂


The Suburban Pen Pal and Radatrix are happy to announce that we will be co-hosting our first paper swap!

For those of you who haven’t participated in swaps of this kind before, the idea is pretty simple: Create one handmade item or several small handmade items in which the main material or theme is paper. Make multiple items (we’re estimating between 10 and 12, depending on how many people sign up) and send them out to your swap-mates. Then sit back and wait for your swap-mates to send their stuff to you.

To participate, send an e-mail to paperswap08@gmail.com with the subject “Paper Swap” along with your name, e-mail address, shipping address, and a few photos or a detailed description of your item(s).

The sign-up deadline is June 21. Send your items out by July 21. We will need a week or so to get you the names and addresses of your recipients.

Help us spread the word! Copy and paste this code into your webpage or blog to get the banner link seen above:

<a href=”http://paperswap.radatrix.com”><img src=”https://suburbanpenpal.wordpress.com/2008/05/21/announcement/&#8221; alt=”PaperSwap 2008″ border=”0″></a>


Can I choose who I swap with?

I don’t want my e-mail address published or sent out to everyone.

We will only send your e-mail address to the people who will be sending you stuff so they can contact you if there is a problem or a question about shipping.

Do all of my packages have to be the same or can I send different things to different people?
You do not need to send the same item(s) to all of your swap mates. However, you cannot change what you are swapping after you sign up so please plan ahead!

What if something comes up and I find myself unable to complete the swap?
E-mail us at paperswap08@gmail.com and we’ll take care of it.