Paper Boy

I’m back! I had a wonderful time in Chicago and I brought lots and LOTS goodies back with me. I’ve got a ton of new stuff to post about, so let’s start with the good stuff.

My lovely host introduced me to Paper Boy a couple days into my trip and I have to say, I am better, but poorer person for it. They carry a lot of cards and stationery from local designers and either Chicago has a lot of really talented folks, or who ever does their buying does a bang up job.

Here’s what I bought: (Click on the picture for a more detailed view)

The old favorites: “Lets do brunch”card and “Greetings from a blue state” postcard by La Familia Green. (Their stuff is all over Chicago and with good reason). Pirate letterpress card, typewriter postcards, and “nothing says happy birthday like treats!” card by A Favorite. Blue woodgrain card by Night Owl Paper Goods. (You might remember them from the Wooden Postcards post).

The new favorites:

-Bottom left: Register stationery by Donovan Beeson

-Middle left: Chicago street map card by Nu Vue Design

I will definitely go back once my bank account recovers.


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