Renegade Round-up

What a weekend! The Renegade craft fair went well as expected. There was lots of great talent, although I expected more vendors. I guess the $300 booth fee put off a lot of small time designers like myself.

Anyway, here’s what I found:

Hearts and Anchors: LOVE their stuff! Their booth was mobbed and I could barely get a look in. But what I did see I was very impressed with.

Upper right and bottom left – Gold Dust Studio: I bought the above cards. Great design work and their booth had something I think everyone should have had: A BARGIN BIN!!! it’s a great way to get rid of less than perfect cards or designs that didn’t work out. I actually liked some of the cards in the bin more than the ones that were on display and they were half price! 🙂

Upper left and bottom right – Pie Bird Press/Wet Foot Publications: I wish I could show you their business cards cause they are so cute. They’re cards are a little pricey, but they have some interesting designs.

Dandy Lion Press: I couldn’t find a picture of the set of cards I bought, but I definitely contemplated these shiny pocketwatch cards at the fair. Very beautifully done.


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