Mug Shot Silhouettes

I finally got around to posting these on my etsy! I didn’t want to post anything until after I sent my stuff out for the swap, but it’s all done now!

I’ve been reading about how these folks got arrested and it’s really interesting. Frank Sinatra was busted in 1938 for “carrying on with a married woman”. Elvis Presley was never actually arrested; he asked to have his mug shot taken when he visited FBI headquarters in 1970. Pretty cool huh?:) If I was going to turn this into a full fledged art project, I would do more research about their arrests. If you’re interested in the history of mug shots, this looks like a really great book. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s the most thorough book on mug shots I’ve found.

Anyway, I have a limited amount of pink gingham so if you want one and you’re not participating in the swap, I suggest haste.


5 thoughts on “Mug Shot Silhouettes

  1. I was at a blog called Punkin Card Company, followed the links to here. I love your blog! It’s paper heaven!
    I’m bookmarking half these shops. What a cool site you have.

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