100th Post! + Renegade Round Up

I made to 100!! Woohooo!!!!!! It took two years, but it was worth it. And now on to the good stuff..

The Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco was this past weekend and I hope you got a chance to stop by and check it out. I was extremely impressed by the turnout, both in terms of the number of booths and people there. There was lots of good stuff and I spent quite a bit of my hard earned money. Here’s what I bought:


Some of these are gifts for friends who read this so guys: act surprised. Let’s start with some old favorites:


The bookplates are from 16 Sparrows who gave me a discount and a goodie bag for being a member of the LWA! Thanks guys! The little rude gift cards are from Sweetie Pie Press, who did the security envelope buttons and secret message envelopes. (I also bought one of the envelopes, they were too cute to resist).


The stationery set is also from 16 Sparrows and the card is from Dutch Door Press.


I also love discovering new brands, like Paper Parasol who did these cute aqua cards. The birthday card is from Sycamore Street Press.


Last but not least, I picked up this bacon card from Sweet Meats.


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