Holiday Wreaths

Making a holiday wreath has become my own personal tradition (does two years in a row count as a tradition?). Wreaths are about as complicated as I like to get with my DIY, but  this wreath was definitely worth it. The example:

And here’s mine:

I did a few things differently. I used a hardback instead of a paperback which gives it more of a sculptural quality due to the heavier paper. I also added a little bit of gold glitter to the antiquing process because glitter makes everything better. 🙂 However, anyone who attempts this project be warned: use a book that’s 200 pages or more! She mentions that you’ll need a long(ish) book in the instructions, but I foolishly did not read that part and ended up substituting pages from a paperback (which are much lighter) in order to finish the center. Oh well! Perfection be damned, I think it turned out well. If you’re looking for something a little bit easier or you have a fear of hot glue, I’d definitely take a swing at the paper leaf wreath I made last year. Here’s the example:

And here’s mine:

Here’s a few more I’m thinking about attempting next year.


And pom poms!

Via Paper Crave and Design*Sponge

Paper book wreath tutorial by Living with Lindsay

Paper leaf wreath tutorial by The Red Thread

Felt wreath tutorial by Domestifluff

Pom pom wreath tutorial by Bluebird Vintage