Things That Make Me Happy

Love these Victorian invitations by Angela Liguori

My Lord greeting card by Graphic Dirt

I got these EXACT cards for Christmas from my sister! How weird is that?

Personalized Geography lesson letter set by Cutie Pie Company

Don’t you just hate it when you find great holiday cards AFTER the holidays? There’s always next year!

Folksy deer holiday cards by Cutie Pie Company

Invitations by Bread of Many

Paper keys note set by Bread of Many

Rad card by Design des Troy

via Modish: the blog

Merry Christmas card set by Design des Troy

A seriously bad ass calendar by Dirty Bandits

Via Design Work Life


2 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy

  1. hahaha, that’s awesome! your sister Sophia ordered those personalized cards from me! and I took the opportunity to shoot some new photos. this is too funny. I love all your picks, especially Design des Troy and Bread of Many. sigh… so many paper goods, so little time 🙂 Thanks for including me! ~Milly (cutiepie co.)

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