Technically it’s not spring until March 21. But who cares! I love all these bright colors:

From the Top:

Thank you card by Juniper Berry

Hello card by Wendushka

Butterfly card by Something I Made

Girly Muscle Cars cards by Day Dreamers

All images by their respective owners.

Valentines From the Vault

It always makes me sad when my favorite holiday is over.:( As I went to put away my stellar valentine, I found some Castle In the Air valentines of yore…

My sister tried to duplicate one of my favorites, the tulip heart card:

Not too shabby! 🙂

I also found this brochure among the mounds of stuff I brought home from London:

A promotional brochure for Selfridges department store circa 2006.

All images cross posted to flickr.

I Have the Greatest Sister Ever!

Look what came in the mail over the weekend!

The inside is even more beautiful! I looove Jane Austen style letters! The calligraphy is so delicate:

These gorgeous hand-written and illustrated valentines have been bouncing all over the web this past month, but I’d never thought I’d get one! Thanks Phe! 🙂

By the very talented ladies of Hello Handmade Paperie.

Christmas in February

There just never seems to be enough time during the holidays! This year, I wanted to make monogram embroidered ornaments for my family inspired by this ornament from September House:

But life got busy as it is prone to over the holidays and by the time I got the supplies it was January. Oh well! Anyway, I haven’t trimmed the edges and added ribbon yet, but you get the idea:

Better than I expected! The pattern came from here (a great resource for anyone interested in cross stitch) and the fabric came from here. I’m obsessed with linen now that I’ve tried it. It’s more expensive than evenweave, but soooo pretty! Also, I recently found out that February is national embroidery month which makes it a great time to start an embroidery project! Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

Lipstick Traces and Bam Pow Hand Embroidery by Sam Gibson via the Hand Embroidery Network

All images by their respective owners.