It’s done! For weeks now I have been working on embroidering these cheeky little hankies and they’re finally finished! They were inspired by my good friend Charlotte; not because she’s gross or anything, but because she is the only person I have ever met who actually uses handkerchiefs. I thought a hanky with her initials stitched on it might make a nice gift, but then I thought why not embroider a handkerchief for what goes inside of it? Totally gross! And so I did:

Of course I had to make some sort of packaging for my little creations, so I hand-stitched a mini paper bag. Here’s to you Charlotte (don’t get sick!)! 🙂

Paper Swap 2010: What I Got

Please excuse my recent absence. I’ve been working on a new project that I’m really excited about, but it’s taking forever and a day to complete. I’m really bad at keeping secrets so I better stop there!

I finally rounded up all of my pictures from what I got in this years Paper Swap. What a great haul! I was really impressed with the overall quality and creativity of the items that I received. Great job to everyone who participated! I also posted these on the Paper Swap 2010 flickr group. Enjoy!


La Familia Green

Hello Precious/Hot Mess

Paper Pastries

The Sweetie Pie Press

The Great Lakes

Crow and Canary

Lark Press

Bottle Rocket Designs