Christmas Crafts

Hello again! I just wanted to share some pictures of my very crafty Christmas. I’m extremely proud of my wrapping this year. I did most of the presents on the right side:

Here are a few of my favs:

I had some extra yarn leftover from the wreath I did so I used it on the presents. (Note to self: remember to take a picture of the wreath BEFORE you put the Christmas tree in front of it).

I made the wreath with this tutorial. I think it came out well! At least I didn’t burn myself like the last time I tried to make a wreath.

My sister did the rest of the wrapping. Check out the calligraphy and embossed snowflakes!

I love the tree we got this year. It might be a little too big on the bottom, but we made do:

My grandmother made these stockings for my sister and I when we were babies. I’m still in awe of them:

My sister made these stockings for my parents last year when we were in London for Christmas:

And finally, I’ve been obsessed with making these security envelope stars ever since I saw this post on the Odessa May Society. I don’t have enough to make a garland yet, but I am definitely doing something with them next Christmas.

Happy Holidays!


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