Jane Austen Style Valentines

This year my sister and I decided to get ambitious with our valentines. We took our inspiration from a project by the very talented ladies of Hello Handmade who created Jane Austen style valentines two years ago. I was lucky enough to get one and it was pretty much the greatest thing I’ve ever gotten in the mail:

Sadly, Hello Handmade is no more, although Betsy Dunlap (who did the calligraphy above) still creates beautiful custom valentines. But we were so taken with the Jane Austen style that we took it upon ourselves to duplicate their project for our friends.

I certainly appreciate all the work that went into to the original design because this turned out to be a taller order than either of us expected. Still, I think they turned out well! My sister did the calligraphy and I did the inside design. We did a little research on St. Valentine to compose the message and the “Love” illustration is a rubber stamp colored in with watercolor pencils.

The hardest part about this project was duplicating the paper. We found a 70lb felted paper that was very similar to the kind of paper used in the original valentine and then had it cut to a custom size. I can’t count so I ended up with like 30 extra sheets (which we needed because I kept messing up the stamping) so you’ll probably be seeing a couple more projects with this same paper. Now I just hope they make it through the mail safely!


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