Mail Art Round-Up #8

Hello again and happy September! I have a few things that I want to share before I do my usual thing. First of all, I encourage everyone to submit their work to the Decentralized Networker Congress. It’s a really great opportunity to show your work and to connect with other mail artists around the world. Second of all, I also encourage you to submit and go to ‘Gutai & Shozo Shimamoto’, an exhibition on the Japanese avant-garde movement and mail art show honoring Shozo Shimamoto organized by John Held Jr. and SF Arts Quarterly. The deadline is January 13 and the show will take place at the Ever Gold gallery in San Francisco. I’m excited because this is the first mail art show that I’ll actually get to attend!

And now on to the art! This month I made another triptych and wrote a letter on a paper towel! Check it out:

One thought on “Mail Art Round-Up #8

  1. Thanks for the comment 🙂 Your envelopes are too much fun, seriously! Ye, I’m still a fan. I especially love how you write the addresses. Super cool-io!

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