Mail Art Round-Up #11

Happy holidays everyone! I got a little sidetracked this month with thesis work and a nasty cold, but I still managed to put together a few holiday greetings (which is a few more than last year). This month I experimented with transparency using a lot of plastic bags in the place of envelopes and I think the results are really cool. Check it out:

ALice frontAlice backAlice front 2Alice back 2Ambra frontAmbra backCharlotte front 1Charlotte back1Holiday greetings group frontDonovan backQ backMichelle frontMichelle backClare frontClare backCharlotte front 2Charlotte back 2LDH name stampLDH name stamp close upsignature of the artist stampStephanie frontStephanie backLiz frontLiz back


3 thoughts on “Mail Art Round-Up #11

  1. Those are all quite wonderful! Doesn’t seem like that cold slowed you down much at all. Funny, but I just used some security envelope windows in the same way — great minds and all that. Happy Holidays, Laura!

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