Mail Art Round-Up #13

Happy belated Valentines day everybody! February is just flying by. This past month I continued to experiment with layering and using more fragile elements. You’d be surprised what you can send through the mail when you put it in a clear bag! I’m very happy with the results. Check it out:

Alice front 1ALice back 1ALice front 2Alice back 2Alice front 3ALice back 3Charlotte front 1Charlotte back 1Charlotte front 2Charlotte back 2Donovan back 1Donovan front 1Pamela front 1Pamela back 1Patty frontPatty backSOphia frontSophia backStephanie frontStephanie backSuzanne front 1Suzanne back 1Suzanne front 2Suzanne back 2


2 thoughts on “Mail Art Round-Up #13

    • Thanks! I love all of the bits and bobs that you and Alice send me. I actually bought those ‘sign here’ stickers from Staples 😛

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