Mail Art Round-Up #14

Hello again and a happy early St. Patty’s day to everyone! March has been a really hectic month with a lot of other projects and problems with my PO box taking up most of my time and energy. However, I managed to do some experimenting with origami-type folding that I’m really excited about. Also, I think I responded to everyone who has sent me something in the past 2 months, but if I haven’t please email me. On to the pictures:

Alice backAlice frontAmber backAmber frontApril front 1April back1Ashley frontAshley backClare frontClare backDonovan frontDonovan backJihad frontJihad backGroup frontGroup backJowita frontJowita backLeann frontLeann backLiz frontLiz backLouise frontLouise backMelissa frontMelissa backRachel backRachel frontMichelle frontMichelle back

Attention: Pen Pals

We have a problem. When I opened my PO box a month or so ago I accidentally wrote down the wrong zip code, which would explain why I haven’t received anything. The zip code at the post office is 94302, not 94301. My apologies to everyone who has sent me something. If you send me an email, I’ll try to get something out to you soon.