Mail Art Round-Up: April 2013

Hello again! You may have noticed that I ditched the numbering system and listed the date instead. I think it makes more sense going forward.

Anyway, this past month has been crazy busy, but I’ve also connected with a lot of cool new people. The PO box is up and running and I’ve even received some mail with the wrong zip code, which I mistakenly gave out when I first got my box. Better late than never! This month I continued to experiment with origami folding. I also started playing around with signs that I found at Scrap and various places. Take a look:

Cara frontCara backSuzanne frontSuzanne backCharlotte back1Charlotte front1Clare frontClare back2Rachel back1Rachel front1Michelle forntMichelle backDonovan frontDonvan backCharlotte backCharlotte frontAlyssabeth frontAlyssabeth backClare glamour stampDavid frontDavid backCodi backCodi frontDavid front1David back1Pamela backPamela frontRachel backRachel frontLeann backLeanna frontAlice front1Alice back1Alice frontAlice backClare back1Clare front1