Mail Art Round-Up: June 2013

Happy summer everyone! I’ve been busy experimenting with some new things. This month I finally figured out a way to incorporate postcards into my work! I also started playing around with sealing wax, seeing what else it can do besides close an envelope. I think you’ll like the results! Check it out:

Pamela backPamela frontRachel frontRachel backMichelle front2Michelle back2Katie frontKatie backMichelle front3Michelle back3KendalMichelle front1Michelle back1Rachel K frontRachel K backJohanna frontJohana backJihad frontJihad backDavid frontDavid backCollage 1Alice back1Alice front1Alice back2Alice front2Alyssabeth backAlyssabethCharlotte back2Charlotte front2Charlotte front1Charlotte back1Clare front1Clare back1Clare front2Clare back2