Mail Art Round-Up: July 2013

Hello again and happy summer! I worked on a couple of cool projects this month. I’ve been playing around with incorporating the letter into the overall design. I also made another triptych! Check it out:

ALice front 2ALice back 2Alyssabeth frontALyssabeth backALice backAlica frontAna frontAna backAndrea frontAndrea backCharlotte frontCharlotte backCharlotte 1Charlotte2Charlotte3Charlott2 4Charltote 6Charlotte 5Clare frontClare backClare front 1Clare back 1David front 2David back 2David backDavid frontPamela frontPamela backDonovan frontDOnovan backTriptych frontMichelle triClare triCharlotte triTim front 1Tim front 2Tim back


3 thoughts on “Mail Art Round-Up: July 2013

  1. Hello Laura 🙂
    Thank you so much for your mail art piece.
    I especially loved the message: “Congratulations! You´re received mail art From Laura Dunkin-Hubby. Your mail art will be valuable in approximately 185 to 250,000 years. At which point you´ll be dead. Thank you for your patience.” Ahaha Funny!

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