Mail Art Round-Up: January & February 2014

A very belated happy new year everyone! I am busier than ever these days, which sadly means that once again mail art is taking a back seat ┬áto more pressing concerns. However, I did manage to make a couple of things this past month that I’m pretty happy with. I got a grommeting tool for Christmas and I’ve had a lot of fun finding new uses for it. Check it out!

Kendal front 2Kendal back 2Donovan front 3DOnvovan back 3David front 2David back 3=2Ginger frontGinger back 2DOnovan front 1Ginger backMichelle frontCodi frontCodi backKendal frontKendal backAlice frontAlice backClare frontClare backDavid frontDavid backDOnovan frontDonovan backCharlotte front 2Charlotte front