Mail Art Round-Up: Fall/Winter 2014

And now back to the mail art! I haven’t been very productive these days due to all of the stuff going on, (graduating, Europe,….actually that’s it) but quality trumps quantity! Here are some things that I’ve made in the past couple of months. I’m currently working on my holiday greetings, but at the rate I’m going you should probably expect to see a post about them in April. Anyway, check out the goods:

David fall front 1

David fall back 1

Jessica full imageJessica textJessica fall front

Ginger fall backGinger fall front

Rebecca fall backRebecca fall front


David fall frontDavid fall back

DOnovan fall back 1DOnovan fall front 1

David fall front 2David fall back 2

Ginger fall front 2Ginger fall back 2

Wedding waffle frontWedding waffle back

Donovan fall frontDonovan fall back



Just Released: Making Mail

Hello again! Apologies for my very long absence. I have a few bits of good news. First, I finally graduated from graduate school!!!!! I am officially a master of the arts. I also went to Europe!! It’s been a good break.

Second, you may remember the documentary on mail art that I had the pleasure of participating in a while ago. The film is now done and has finally been released! You can watch it on the Making Mail Company website here. I’d love to know what you think!