Mail Art Round-Up: February & March 2015

Hello again! Once again I have gotten (slightly) behind on posting my monthly round-up, but better late than never! Thankfully I have had more time in the past 2 months to devote to making mail art. Check it out:

Leann backLeann frontAlyssabeth back Alyssabeth front  Charlotte front 2 Charlotte back 2 Charlotte detail 2Charlotte back Charlotte frontCharlotte back 1 Charlotte front 1  Clare back Clare front Clare package David back David front Donovan back Donovan front Kendall back Kendall front Leann back 1  Leann front 1 Lina back Lina front Liz back Liz front Phe detail Phe front Rebecca back Rebecca front Valentine for phe back Valentine for phe front


4 thoughts on “Mail Art Round-Up: February & March 2015

  1. Wow. I stumbled upon your mail art through the Letter Writer’s Alliance blog and you are amazingly talented. I’m now inspired to send out more outwork on my mail. Thank you for sharing!

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