Mail Art Round-Up June & July 2015

Happy summer everyone! Now that I’ve started using Instagram, I’ve fallen in love with the square format photograph. There are a couple of images from this month that got cut off since I’ve been converting them from regular to square, but you can still see the majority of the piece in each image. From now on I’ll be taking pictures in the square format so this shouldn’t be a problem in the future. Check it out:

Alyssabeth back 2Alyssabeth front 2

Alyssabeth back  Alyssabeth front Charlotte back 2  Charlotte front 2 Charlotte front Charlotte backDavid back 2  David front 2 David frontDavid back Donovan back 2  DOnovan front 2 Donovan front Donovan backGinger back Ginger front Lina front

Rebecca back rebecca front

Mail Art Round-Up: April & May 2015

Happy spring! I’ve been doing my best to enjoy the spring weather and come up with some new ideas to share with you. This month I dug deep into the archives and used a couple of photographs that I took in college (can you believe I wanted to be a photographer at one point?) in some of my pieces. I also discovered that they make excellent giant postcards! I’ll definitely be using that trick again. Check it out:

Ginger frontGinger backDonovan frontDonovan backDavid frontDavid backCharlotte frontCharlotte backAlyssabeth frontAlyssabeth backGinger front 3Ginger back 3Ginger front 2Ginger back 2Leann frontLeann backLina openLina frontLina back

Mail Art Round-Up: March, April & May 2014

It’s been a while! I have been completely distracted by grad school these past few months and the pesky business of finishing my masters thesis in art history. I’m almost done!! Once I finally finish I hope that I will be able to return to my previous level of productivity. However, I’m pretty happy with the few things that I managed to send in the past couple of months. I’m particularly excited about incorporating some of the elements that  I made with a laser-cutter. See if you can spot them!

Clare birthdayLeann frontLeann backDavid backDavid frontRebecca frontCodi frontCodi backGinger backGinger frontMichelle frontMichelle backDavid front 1David back 1Clare frontClare backI am not dead postcardsI am not dead postacrds frontKendal frontClare front 1Clare back 1Charlotte frontCharlotte backSuzanne front

Mail Art Round-Up: June 2013

Happy summer everyone! I’ve been busy experimenting with some new things. This month I finally figured out a way to incorporate postcards into my work! I also started playing around with sealing wax, seeing what else it can do besides close an envelope. I think you’ll like the results! Check it out:

Pamela backPamela frontRachel frontRachel backMichelle front2Michelle back2Katie frontKatie backMichelle front3Michelle back3KendalMichelle front1Michelle back1Rachel K frontRachel K backJohanna frontJohana backJihad frontJihad backDavid frontDavid backCollage 1Alice back1Alice front1Alice back2Alice front2Alyssabeth backAlyssabethCharlotte back2Charlotte front2Charlotte front1Charlotte back1Clare front1Clare back1Clare front2Clare back2

Mail Art Round-Up: May 2013

My mail art production has slowed down to a crawl this month. I’ve been very busy, I just haven’t had time to finish much of anything! However, I’m still very happy with what’s been going out and I’ve got lots of new ideas to experiment with this summer. I even found a way to incorporate post cards into my work! Check it out:

Donovan frontDonovan backMelissa frontMelissa backDavid front1David back1Nina frontNina backDavid front2David back2Codi frontCodi backAlyssabeth frontAlyssabeth backAlice frontAlice backCharlotte frontCharlotte back

The Bureau of Communication: The Book

I heard about this hilarious website a little while ago where you can email people fill in the blank officially looking documents for various occasions. If you’re madlibs fan or have a hard time composing a letter, you should definitely give it a try!

Lucky for us analog folks, they’re making a book! You can preorder it on Amazon and it’ll be available March 30, 2010!

Via How About Orange..